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Project Highlights

    We stand behind our work
    We work to MSHA criteria when applicable
    We only build heavy duty
    An enormous variety of projects and products
    If it isn't pictured here, call or email and inquire

Mining Information

  • Building and rebuilding coal, salt, potash, and trona mining equipment since the mid-1980s (we can rebuild your old equipment to be within regulation!)
  • We can work on a vast array of different equipment types, made by numerous other mining machinery manufacturers (see a few examples of the work we’ve done on our Coal & Soft Rock Mining Equipment page)
  • Used our expertise to develop the extensive Uintah Machine mining product line
  • Obtained an MSHA approval, allowing us to manufacture our own "permissible" diesel powered coal hauler

As always, you will be supplied with records and drawings of all modifications that are performed. Check out our portfolio and products today!

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