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Steady Rests

To date we have built well over 1,100 steady rests, follower rests, and back rests for customers all over North America. We can build one for you! Our steady rests are constructed from heavy-duty steel plate frames. We build them for lathes of any swing and in any capacity possible for your machine. Jaws with rollers are our standard but we also build them with bronze, babbit, etc. as you require. We also build Steady Rests for CNC Slant Bed Machines. In addition, we build special rests for milling and grinding applications.

steady rest on a Daewoo slant bed CNC machine

Back Rests

Back rests are made to support long slender work pieces on a cylindrical grinder. Some are fancier than others, but all that we have seen consist of two “wear pads” on adjustable arms such that they can be brought to bear against the workpiece opposite the grinding wheel and directly on the bottom. The material for these wear pads can be bronze, teflon, delrin, babbit, or even wood.

Journal Rests

Journal Rests are usually much heavier duty than back rests. They are used to support heavy rolls by their journals while the roll surfaces are being re-ground. The range of adjustment is usually quite limited. It is sometimes necessary to have several rests in different size ranges.

Taper Attachments

We can make just about any type of taper attachment. Here are a few we’ve made before:

  • Standard taper attachments for engine lathes.
  • Extra long stroke taper attachments.
  • Taper attachments with gear reduced travel for extra long strokes.
  • Heavy Duty Taper Attachments.

Our taper attachments are designed for use with a telescoping cross slide screw. If there is a need to install one on a machine without such a telescoping cross slide screw, then it is probably best that the screw be altered in such a way that it will telescope. We do have a Taper Attachment Installation Guide, though the graphics leave much to be desired.

Clamping steel with arc welder

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