Product Highlight

Project Highlights

    Remove old bolts, shearing retaining pins in the process
    Machine the nozzle chamber surface
    Lap the new nozzle blocks to the nozzle chamber surface
    Blue check must be virtually perfect
    Bolt in new nozzle blocks to specified torque
    Pin the bolt heads with stainless dowels

Nozzle Block Information

Uintah Machine changes out nozzle blocks when required to do so. The photos shown here depict jobs on a couple of different Westinghouse turbines. The general procedure is to remove the old bolts (shearing the retaining pins in the process), remove the nozzle blocks, then machine the interface with the nozzle chambers. Thereafter the new blocks are lapped in to contact with the nozzle chambers, bolted up, and the bolt heads pinned. We provide a specialized machine to oscillate the nozzle block during the lapping process.

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