Product Highlight

Product Highlights

    Built for your mine, your prime mover, and your road
    Gooseneck or pintle hitch
    Wheels and tires of your choosing
    Capacities to meet your needs...2500 gal. plus
    Sprays in any configuration customer requires

Water Trailers for Mine Use

Uintah Machine manufactures water trailers for hauling large volumes of water into the mine for roadway maintenance or other purposes. Our water trailers are equipped with a pump and two or more adjustable spray heads for settling dust. We also build them with pneumatic brakes. Most of our water trailers are built with goosenecks for 5th wheel hitches. We'll build them smaller, as well, with pintle hitches or whatever is required.

Uintah Machine has designed and built several styles of water tank trailers over the years. We can build one to fit your particular needs, as well. Email us or call us at 435-738-2453 to learn more.

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