Product Highlight

Product Highlights

    Custom underground mining cranes
    Heavy-duty, durable, and long-lasting
    Smaller cooke sheet mounted cranes available
    Low headroom requirements
    Can build truck mounted cranes

About These Underground Cranes

Uintah Machine offers a line of heavy-duty underground mining cranes. We offer tractor mounted, detachable module, and truck mounted cranes. The largest crane we have built so far was designed to lift over 20,000 lb., and that with the boom at full extension some 15 ft behind the trailer.

Uintah Machine's custom underground mining cranes can be manufactured with whatever particular features might be required to best meet the needs at your mine. If necessary, our cranes can be manufactured with no electrical components to avoid fire hazards. They can also be remote-controlled. Extendable hydraulic stabilizers are standard, and hydraulic stabilizer cylinders to brace against the roof are optional.

We take pride in our work. You can count on receiving an exceptionally tough, high-quality, low-maintenance, underground mining crane. Our customers have always been pleased by our quality and other products. Uintah is happy to design and build an underground crane to meet your specific needs. Email or call us at 435-738-2453 to learn more.

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