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Endless Variations

    Built to your particular requirements, naturally
    For hauling underground portable power centers
    Special pump trailers for dewatering your mine
    Monorail trailers
    Roof can trailers
    Belt line parts and pieces
    Roof bolter supplies
    Tool trailers
    Fire materials trailers
    You dream up the problem and we'll build the solution

A Variety of Special Purpose Trailers

Uintah Machine manufactures a variety of special purpose trailers to perform many different functions. A number of our trailers are mentioned below. We can manufacture your custom special purpose trailer to meet your size, capacity, and other needs.

Roof Support Can trailers are flatbed trailers with decks that tilt to roll the cans off. See the drawings below for more information and safety features. Power Center Trailers are built to hold portable underground power centers. Pump trailers have pumps in a cage at the end of the trailer. The pump trailer is backed into the water, the cage is lowered and the pumps start for emergency flood control. Skid Steer Loader trailers do just what their name implies. They are low ground clearance trailers that haul skid steer loaders underground. Block trailers haul concrete mine support blocks into mines. Belt structure trailers are used for hauling channels and belt equipment. Cable tub trailers haul cable lengths in a large 'tub' that has no sharp corners that would damage the cables. Roof bolter supply trailers are double-decker trailers designed to be pulled alone or in chains of two. Loaded bins of roof bolts are loaded on the lower deck and winched in using sheaves at the front of the trailers. Empty bins are stowed on the top decks. Rollers facilitate loading the empty bins. Any of our special purpose trailers can be built with whatever hitch your choose, and manual or hydraulic landing legs. Everything else is optional, too... deck height, wheel diameter and placement, etc.

Underground mines have a seemingly endless variety of special problems and often require special equipment. Uintah Machine has over several decades of experience in building high quality equipment, including heavy duty trailers to deal with those unique problems. Email us or call us at 435-738-2453. Let's see how we can help.

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