Product Highlight


    Unmatched shield moving speed
    Designed to carry shields inches from the ground
    Allows for low headroom requirements
    Heavy carrying capacity
    Custom designs allow for 2-6 wheels
    All-wheel drive available on diesel powered options
    Wet disk brakes optional
    Pintle hitch or gooseneck design trailers available


Our most common underground shield hauler projects (like the trailer shown above) are open-bottom, open-back trailers fitted with hydraulic cylinders and heavy chains. The hauler is designed according to your shield’s specifications, lifting and carrying the shield with cylinders and chains inside the “horseshoe”. This way, shields can be moved along the mine only inches above the ground, resulting in a lower center of gravity located between the shield hauler's wheels. As a result, our haulers are the fastest way to move shields long distances.

Companies have saved thousands of dollars in wear and tear with Uintah Machine’s underground shield movers, compared to standard forklift or "cookie sheet" designs. In fact, our haulers have paid for themselves in tire savings alone after one longwall move.


Optional Custom Shield Hauler Features & Components

For certain mining operations, we have outfitted shield haulers with heavy-duty oscillation plate suspension. This suspension system provides a smoother ride, optimal braking performance, and effective load equalization on the trailer’s tires. Obviously, sharing the load equally over multiple tires alleviates to a degree the heat buildup that occurs in tires that are especially heavily loaded, thus extending the life of the tires and eliminating or reducing cooling stops and maintenance. We know of one mine that was scheduled to be shut down not long after their longwall move. Yet they purchased a shield hauler for that one move, and said the cost was justified and recovered in that one move in tire savings alone.

Wet Disk Brakes

We have designed, fabricated, and developed wet disk brake systems for use where, for fire suppression reasons, dry caliper disc brakes cannot be used. Uintah Machine wet disk brakes fit entirely within the wheel without adding to the overall width of the machine, allowing for more compact applications. Wet brakes can be added to almost any Uintah Machine hauler model.

Lifting Pan & Push Plate

Some haulers have been designed with a lifting pan, hydraulic winch, and hydraulic push plate for loading and unloading. To load, the lifting pan is set flat on the ground while the shield is pulled into the hauler by a heavy-duty winch. Then, the pan is lifted a few inches off the ground by hydraulic cylinders, ensuring low headroom requirements are maintained. To unload, the pan tilts down at the rear, allowing the push plate to slide the shield off the pan. Push plates are designed with nylon pads to protect shields and lifting pans from abrasion.

Self-Propelled Options

We have also designed and manufactured a number of self-propelled haulers with the power unit of your choice. All-wheel drive is optional on nearly all self-propelled hauler models. Common power units include:

  • Wagner 14X and 20X machines
  • Getmans
  • Jeffrey RamCars
  • Uintah Machine’s Part 31 permissible tractor

Any Custom Features For Your Mining Operation

With more than 40 years of experience, we’ve built a variety of custom haulers. We’ve developed strong relationships with repeat customers as well as caught the attention of mining companies around the world. With Uintah Machine, you can count on receiving the highest-quality, lowest-maintenance hauler available. Integrity, dependability, and commitment to detail have helped us build a strong network of happy customers over the years. We would be pleased to help you with a fully customized shield hauler, from design to maintenance. Request a quote for your shield hauler needs today, call us for more information, or take a look at our other products and Coal Haulers.

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