Product Highlight

Product Highlights

    Push plate trailer built to order for your mine
    Great for bulk materials like rock dust
    Great for hauling trash and palletized materials
    Unloads anything that can stand the drop from the deck to the ground

About these push plate Trailers

Uintah Machine manufactures various kinds of hydraulically or pneumatically operated push plate trailers for fast and easy unloading. They are really effective for unloading materials such as rock dust and trash, or anything else that can stand the drop from the deck to the ground. These trailers feature Uintah Machine's beefy and durable walking beam suspension, which keeps all four wheels on the ground at all times for a relatively smooth ride. This smooth ride is especially good, as it always helps if your load is still on the trailer when you get where you are going. We can build a push plate trailer with any hitch your need, be it gooseneck, pintle eye, and something else.

At Uintah Machine, we take pride in our work, and our customers have always been pleased with our quality. Email or call us at 435-738-2453 and tell us what you need. Or take a look at our Heavy Duty Trailers, other products and services.

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