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Product Features

    Custom heavy-duty lowboy trailers built to order
    Optional heavy duty trailer brakes
    Detachable gooseneck and cookie sheet hitch
    Steel wheels to carry immense loads
    Cross wheels at the rear to aid in maneuverability

About these heavy haul trailers...

Uintah Machine designs custom heavy-duty lowboy trailers to haul continuous miners, shearers and other heavy equipment in underground mines. Miner and shearer trailers are built with two pivoting wheel boxes containing two wheels each. The pivots serve to keep four wheels on the ground at all times. The larger wheels in the rear of the wheel boxes can be equipped with optional brakes. These trailers also have retractable cross wheels running 90° to the normal direction of travel for maneuvering in difficult areas. When extended, the rear end of the trailer is lifted to allow for sideways sliding. The frame extension, or “stinger”, is used as a lever when the cross wheels are extended.

Miner trailers have detachable goosenecks and built-in “ramps” to allow for easy loading of the machines. The gooseneck is equipped with a “cookie sheet” hitch which attaches to the gooseneck via a universal motion apparatus and a large bearing. All these trailers are significantly overbuilt for the loads they must carry.

We take pride in our work. We'll build you the toughest, highest-quality, lowest-maintenance lowboy trailer around. Uintah is happy to design and build a custom lowboy trailer to meet your specific needs, call us today at 435-738-2453 to learn more.

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