Product Highlights

    Industrial engine precleaners
    Cab air quality systems
    Cab precleaners and cab pressurization systems
    Durable solutions for mining, construction, and other industries
    Uintah Machine is partnered with Sy-Klone to provide high-quality precleaners
    Serving Utah, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, and Wyoming

Industrial Precleaners and Cab Precleaners

Air can be full of dangerous particles that damage both equipment and its operators. Uintah Machine has partnered with Sy-Klone Solutions Provider to offer you a solution. Sy-Klone’s high-quality custom air intake products such as engine precleaners and cab precleaners protect your equipment and employees. Uintah Machine currently distributes Sy-Klone products to Utah, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Sy-Klone leads the industry through innovation and a real passion for helping their clients and their machines be safe by breathing clean air. Their HEPA filtration protects the operator while protecting the HVAC system from harmful particulates.

Sy-Klone Air Intake Products

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