Product Highlight

3-Axle Trailer Product Highlights

    Built for your mine, your prime mover, and your load
    Gooseneck recommended. Pintle hitch if you want it.
    Built for extreme loads... up to 80,000 pounds
    Rubber tires, or steel wheels if you need them
    Manual or hydraulic landing legs

About these extra heavy Three Axle Trailers

Uintah Machine designs and manufactures 3-axle trailers to haul extreme loads such as headgate and tailgate drives underground. Our trailers are rated for up to 80,000 pounds and run on rubber tires, or steel if required. Uintah Machine's three axle trailers can fill an important niche in the underground mining industry. The suspension equalizes the load among all 6 wheels while adjustable drag links keep the floating axles parallel to each other. The model shown has a drop-deck bed with manual landing legs. The Uintah preferred model has a 24" flat deck with bigger wheels and hydraulic landing legs. Accessories such as stake pockets and winches can also be added to meet your specific needs.

Email us or call us at 435-738-2453. Let's talk about the heavy haul trailer you need. Tell us about your load, and the constraints of your mine, and what you've got to pull the thing with. Let's see how we can help.

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