Product Highlights

Custom heavy duty trailers
Long-lasting, durable, and rugged
Custom deck heights and headroom
Wheel sizes 18" on up
40,000 pound capacity suspensions
Gooseneck or pintle hitch

Supply trailers are a Uintah Machine specialty. They are famous for being long-lasting. They have been known to run maintenance-free, excluding periodic lubrication, for up to eight years! (Even we can’t keep tires from wearing out.) Incredibly durable and rugged, of world-class quality. We have been asked to refurbish trailers built by other companies to make them like ours. Uintah Machine manufactures a large variety of trailers for general use. They have been designed and built in many shapes and sizes to transport many types of equipment, materials, utilities, and supplies. Some have hydraulic push-plates for easy unloading. They have a 20-ton carrying capacity. Deck heights of 24″ are the norm, but heights as low as 18″ can be obtained. Stake pockets are optional, as are sideboards, headboards and rub bars are also available. Landing legs can be manual or hydraulic. They can be built with a standard pintle hitch, retractable pintle hitch, fifth wheel hitch or fifth wheel with folding gooseneck to let them go down a shaft. Also consider an optional tail roll, a retractable cover attached at the rear of the trailer that can be unrolled and attached at the front to prevent debris from escaping during transportation. As a standard, the trailers are equipped with Uintah Machine’s walking beam suspension to keep four wheels on the ground at all times for a relatively smooth ride and increased carrying capacity. Uintah is happy to design and build a supply trailer to meet your specific needs.

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