Product Highlights

High-quality custom steady rests
We can build steady rests for any application
Three jaws, four, or even more
Steel plate frames
Rollers, babbit, or bronze contacts
For Lathes, CNC turning centers, grinders, milling machines, gun drills, trepanning machines, etc.
Swings from a few inches on up
For everything from gun barrels to drill collars and roll duty

Uintah Machine (and predecessors) has been building steady rests to order since the late 70’s.  To this point (in 2016) we have built about 1300 of them.  Some have had capacities as small as a couple of inches, and other up to perhaps 60″, covering about every application imaginable.  We can build one for you.

Download our fill-in-the-blank drawings and measure your machine according to whichever drawing most closely matches your machine. Call us, email us, or just fax us the dimensions and tell us what you want.  We’ll get a quote coming back your way.

Download a brochure here.

Download a fill-in-the-blank drawing here.