Product Highlights

Uintah Machine manufactures a variety of trailers that are intended to perform specific functions. A few are mentioned here. Also reference the section on pipe trailers. Roof support can trailers are flat bed trailers with decks that tilt to roll the cans off. See the drawings for more information and safety features. Power center trailers are built to hold portable underground power centers. Pump trailers have pumps in a cage at the end of the trailer. The trailer is backed into the water, the cage lowered and the pumps started for emergency flood control. Skid steer loader trailers do just what their name implies. They are low ground clearance trailers that haul skid steer loaders underground. Block trailers haul concrete mine support blocks into mines. Belt structure trailers are used for hauling channels and belt equipment. Cable tub trailers haul cable lengths in a large “tub”. The tub doesn’t have any sharp corners that would damage the cables. Roof bolter supply trailers are double decker trailers designed to be pulled alone or in chains of two. Loaded bins of roof bolts are loaded on the lower deck and winched in using sheaves at the front of the trailers. Empty bins are stowed on the top decks. Rollers facilitate loading the empty bins. The trailers have sliding adjustable pintle hitches. And hydraulic landing legs.

We take pride in our work. You can count on receiving the toughest, highest-quality, lowest maintenance trailer around. Our customers have always been happy with our quality. Uintah is happy to design and build a trailer to meet your specific needs.

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