Product Highlights

Custom shield haulers built to order for your mine
Carries the shield low to the ground
Low headroom requirements
Heavy carrying capacity
Two wheels, four wheels, or even six
All wheel drive is available on self propelled versions
Wet disk brakes are optional

Uintah’s basic shield hauler models are open-bottom and open-back trailers fitted with hydraulic cylinders and heavy chains. The shield fits inside the “horseshoe” and is lifted and carried with the cylinders and chains. Shields can be hauled in the mine only inches above the ground with their centers of gravity between the wheels on the shield hauler. They are the fastest way to move shields long distances. Other variations include heavy-duty oscillation plate suspension for a smooth ride, load equalization on the tires, and optimum braking performance.

Uintah has developed multiple disc wet service brakes and multiple disc spring-applied / hydraulic-released brakes intense braking power. They can be fit to nearly all Uintah shield hauler models.  They fit entirely within the wheel and do not add to the overall width of the machine.

Another optional feature is a lifting pan with a hydraulic winch for loading and a hydraulic push plate for unloading. The pan sets flat on the ground for loading, with the shield being pulled by means of a winch.  The pan is lifted hydraulically and carried a few inches off the ground.  For unloading, the pan tilts down at the rear allowing the shield to slide out with aid from the push plate.  Nylon pads protect the shields and lifting pans from abrasion.

Our unique, rugged design saves thousands of dollars in wear and tear on forked shield transporters and tires. In fact, shield haulers have been known to pay for themselves in one long wall move in tire savings alone.

We manufacture self propelled shield haulers built integral with the power unit of your choice. They can be built on built on Wagner 14X and 20X machines, Getmans, Jeffrey RamCars. We can also build on Uintah’s own Part 31 permissible tractor based on the coal haulers we build.

Uintah has built many units, mostly for repeat customers and have even caught the attention off mining companies as far away as China.

We take pride in our work. You can count on receiving the highest- quality, lowest-maintenance shield hauler available. Our customers have always been happy with our quality. Uintah is happy to design and build a shield hauler to meet your specific needs.

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